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City Teaching Alliance best prepares you to teach in historically underserved and excluded urban classrooms, offering holistic educator development that will enable you to support every student in reaching their potential, leading to an impactful and rewarding career. 

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Educators who completed our program are still in education
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The most comprehensive preparation for your career

Master's Degree

Attain a master's degree from American University, a nationally recognized leader in preparing anti-racist, community-driven teachers.

Paid all 4 years

Earn an annual income through an initial residency year of paid classroom experience and a full-time, full-salaried teaching position starting in Year 2.

1:1 Coaching

Grow your skills through 85 hours of 1:1 coaching over three years and coursework that promotes whole child success.

Dual Teaching Certificates

Receive two accredited teaching certificates, including Special Education.

Four Cities To Start Your Journey

When you join the City Teaching Alliance community, you will serve in a historically underserved and excluded urban classroom in one of our four regions—Baltimore, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

“I joined [City Teaching Alliance] for its holistic approach to teacher preparation and development. Though rigorous, the residency year humbled my mind for learning, challenged my comfort zone for growing, and affirmed my passion for serving.”

Sinh N.

UCLA, Montréal, Québec, Cohort 2016

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We are a group of individuals focused on improving educational and life outcomes of all children through education.

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