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Change Starts With You

You’ll receive a master’s degree from our higher education partner and become dually certified to teach in either elementary education, secondary English or secondary math, and special education. With us, you’ll get more comprehensive coursework and personalized support than any other teacher training program.

Transforming lives in just 4 years

Our program is rigorous, preparing you with the tools and skills needed to be an effective educator. By completing your four-year commitment, you’ll be fully equipped with staying power and the skills to be an empowered educator.

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Year 1


Your pathway begins with a clinical Residency experience in a host classroom setting. You will work alongside a host teacher during the school day and receive extensive one-on-one coaching support from a highly-trained City Teaching Alliance instructional coach. After the school day, you’ll engage in practice-based master’s level coursework. During your Residency year, you’ll become deeply integrated into supporting students by conducting one-on-one and group assessments, leading mini-lessons, analyzing student work and data, and teaching small groups.

  • Immersive year-long training in a host classroom
  • Paid clinical experience
  • Begin 1:1 coaching
  • Begin Master of Arts in Teaching coursework

Year 2


If you meet all Residency year expectations and program requirements and secure a fall teaching position at a partner school in your program’s content area, you’ll become a Fellow and a teacher of record. As a Fellow, you’ll hold initial teaching credentials for your first two years as a teacher of record. During your first year as a Fellow, you’ll continue to receive one-on-one coaching to guide and support your practice. You will also complete coursework and earn your Master of Arts in Teaching degree.

  • First year as a full-time teacher
  • Full-time teacher salary and benefits
  • Continued 1:1 coaching
  • Earn Master of Arts in Teaching degree

Year 3

Senior Fellow

During your Senior Fellow year, coursework is complete, but coaching continues. You’ll receive ongoing, regular guidance and instruction through coaching throughout the school year. By the end of the year, you’ll fulfill state requirements for full certification or licensure.

  • Second year as a full-time teacher
  • Full-time teacher salary and benefits
  • Continued 1:1 coaching
  • Earn teaching credentials in content area and special education

Year 4


 After completing all program requirements you’ll be recommended for full teacher credentials. As the City Teaching Alliance cohorts grow, you’ll find ongoing opportunities in your teaching commitment year and beyond. These opportunities include serving as Summer Institute graduate assistants, coaches, mentors, and host teachers.

  • Third year as a full-time teacher
  • Full-time teacher salary and benefits
  • School and program leadership opportunities available
  • Ongoing access to City Teaching Alliance alumni network and programming

Take charge of your teaching journey

Masters Degree

A Master’s in Teaching from American University, a nationally recognized leader in preparing anti-racist, community-driven teachers.

Paid all 4 years

An initial residency year of paid classroom experience and a full-time, full-salaried teaching position starting in Year 2.

1:1 Coaching

85 hours of 1:1 coaching over three years and coursework that promotes whole-child success.

Dual Teaching Certificates

Receive two accredited teaching certificates, including Special Education.

“I joined [City Teaching Alliance] for its holistic approach to teacher preparation and development. Though rigorous, the residency year humbled my mind for learning, challenged my comfort zone for growing, and affirmed my passion for serving.”

Sinh N.

UCLA, Montréal, Québec, Cohort 2016

Preparing you for urban classrooms

We know that one of the most persistent problems in urban schools is high teacher turnover. Teacher attrition destabilizes schools and prevents students from learning. That’s why we ensure you’re equipped with the skills and support necessary to thrive as a long-term educator.

85 %
Educators who completed our program who are still in education
90 %
Of participants say the program gave them the skills they need to be effective in the classroom

Our program is intentionally rigorous. All children deserve an excellent education, and we commit to developing and supporting long-term, responsive, and effective educators.

Making Excellence Accessible

We believe there are no shortcuts to becoming a great educator and the cost of our program reflects the unmatched residency experience, coursework, coaching, and wrap-around support we provide. However, we are committed to making this program affordable and accessible. We provide financial support in the form of:

  • Signing bonus and transitional assistance
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Financial Coaching

Are you a good fit?

We select the very best candidates for our program – only 40 percent of applicants are accepted – and prepare them thoroughly for their careers.

Ready to commit to a career in education?

Eager to work with students in communities that have been historically underserved?

Able to adapt and persevere through challenges?

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