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A Day in the Life of a City Teaching Alliance Recruitment Manager

By: Eliss Mañon, Recruitment Manager

As a Recruitment Manager with City Teaching Alliance, I combat educational inequity on a daily basis by recruiting, preparing, and interviewing aspiring educators from diverse backgrounds to teach in historically marginalized communities. I have the privilege of connecting with the future educators and change agents who are passionate about disrupting systems of racial and socioeconomic inequity. The day-to-day of a Recruitment Manager differs every single day, but the one constant is providing an excellent candidate experience for every future educator!

At the beginning of my day, I connect with the candidates who I will be meeting throughout the day and send them a friendly reminder that our meeting is happening. I also ask them to watch this video City Teaching Alliance: Empower Educators, Transforming Futures prior to our call to better understand our work! My goal is to ensure that our candidates are coming with questions to make the most of our time together.

During our initial meetings, candidates can expect to learn about our one-of-a-kind residency model that offers 85 hours of individualized coaching and culturally competent training. There is A LOT that goes into our program because we want to set our teachers up for long-term, supported success in the classroom that will benefit them and their students.

Speaking of support, our support begins before you even submit an application! By meeting with a recruiter, you are able to gather a full understanding of what the expectations are for joining our program. During my time with candidates, we go over the positive impact they are already making in their communities and how it can translate into teaching. I am more than happy to support candidates by reviewing their resumes and helping them reflect on how City Teaching Alliance aligns with their goals and can provide the foundation to achieve them.

It is an incredibly rewarding experience when I meet with a candidate who is truly passionate about impacting marginalized communities and is willing to commit to making an investment in themselves and, ultimately, in their new communities. Even on the long days traveling, meeting, and connecting with candidates, I walk away energized by the dedicated, equity-minded individuals I have the great pleasure of getting to know and support them to become the best educator they can be.

Recruitment Managers play a vital role in connecting talented future educators with opportunities to make a long-lasting difference in students’ lives, empowering them to achieve their potential and wield their knowledge as the future change makers that they are. At City Teaching Alliance we wholeheartedly believe that each educator has the power and the privilege to make a difference not only in their students’ lives, but in the lives of their families and communities. Working together we lift one another up, and my work at City Teaching Alliance keeps that in focus each and every day.

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