Laws Targeting Classroom Conversations About Race Hurt Students, Perpetuate Supremacy Culture

Earlier this week Texas Gov. Greg Abbott authorized a poorly conceived policy that will make it more difficult to address racism in public schools. The measure erroneously opposes the idea that racism exists within our institutions and systems, discourages student civic engagement and limits speech in Texas schools, and is a roadblock to equitable analyses of history and current events.  

Like legislation passed in other states, the law could have a chilling effect on important, culturally relevant classroom discussions. And, rather than protect children or encourage them to think critically about our collective history, it preserves the white fragility of adults and perpetuates misguided lessons of colonizer supremacy.  

Urban Teachers [City Teaching Alliance] disagrees with policies like this and stands by our partners at Uplift Education and the Dallas Independent School District, who also oppose this new law 

We believe in interrogating systems of oppression and creating environments where children are encouraged to think critically about the impact of race and power on our history and culture. All children deserve to learn in environments that encourage free flowing discussion and view our historical and current events through a lens of equity and justice.   

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