Urban Teachers Announces Name Change To City Teaching Alliance

[Baltimore, MD]: Urban Teachers, a nonprofit that offers a one-of-a-kind 4-year teacher development pathway, announced today it has changed its name to City Teaching Alliance. The new name and brand will reflect the organization’s growing commitment to amplify service to our teachers and students as part of an alliance of close, enduring community partnerships, and strengthen its platform to reach and mobilize the next generation of educators amid a nationwide teacher pipeline shortage.

City Teaching Alliance remains committed to serving the communities of Baltimore, Dallas, DC, and Philadelphia. The organization, in collaboration with American University and a growing network of national and regional partners, will continue to recruit, prepare, certify, and place aspiring teachers in urban communities – supporting their development as they grow from novice teachers to career educators.

“Our future is rooted in our history.  Our organization was founded with a desire for deep, long-term commitment and impact in a select network of communities as opposed to surface-level engagement across many communities,” said Peter Shulman, CEO. “Our new name, City Teaching Alliance, will reflect that same approach in the next phases of our growth through more intentional connection and cohesion with to our communities, our partners, and one another.”

About City Teaching Alliance

Our mission is to improve educational and life outcomes of children in urban schools by preparing culturally competent, effective career teachers who accelerate student achievement and disrupt systems of racial and socioeconomic inequity. Our educators begin their 4-year pathway as aspiring teachers who embark on a year-long residency in a partner school classroom where they learn from experienced teachers, deliver one-on-one interventions to students and lead lessons – all while receiving integrated coaching, coursework and support from experienced faculty and local City Teaching Alliance staff members. Similar support is provided in the subsequent three years of our pathway as our novice educators serve as full-time teachers in our partner schools, complete their master’s degree, and receive certification in  both their content area and special education. City Teaching Alliance has welcomed more than 2,400 aspiring educators in Baltimore (launched 2010), Washington, DC (launched 2010), Dallas (launched 2016), and Philadelphia (launched 2022), since its first cohort entered classrooms in 2010.

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