Will City Teaching Alliance provide housing?

During Summer Institute, known as “Summer A,” the organization provides coverage for housing and meal costs. However, after the conclusion of Summer Institute (beginning of July), the cost of living expenses must be budgeted by each Resident through their salary or stipend.

To support Residents with their housing arrangements, each region’s Enrollment Manager will support incoming participants with various resources to find housing. These resources vary by region but can include housing guides, assistance in finding roommates, information on local apartment complexes with reserved units and discounted rents for Residents, and more.

Additionally, City Teaching Alliance partners with Mariner Financial Wellness, a financial wellness and 1:1 coaching platform. You can access this benefit for free through City Teaching Alliance starting the Spring prior to the start of Summer Institute and throughout the entire program. With their tools and real, human coaches, Mariner Financial Wellness can help you plan monthly budgeting, reduce financial stress, build confidence, and work towards financial success by saving more money and reducing debt.

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