How much would I earn at City Teaching Alliance?

In year one, City Teaching Alliance Residents earn a stipend between $30,000-$38,600 (varies by region). Additionally, we cover both the cost of AU’s health insurance for Residents through the duration of Summer Institute (which ends at the beginning of July), as well as the cost of required books and materials for the master’s degree.

Each Resident who successfully signs their Letter of Intent and enrolls with American University (AU) receives a $1,000 signing bonus and a $2,000 Transitional Assistance Grant (TAG). Residents who anticipate an additional need for relocation expenses can also apply for the Additional Transitional Assistance Grant (ATAG). ATAG eligibility and amounts vary as determined by our needs-based formula calculations. The maximum ATAG award amount offered is $2,000, making a total of up to $4,000 available in transitional assistance overall.

In years two through four, Fellows earn a full-time salary and benefits as a teacher with one of our school partners, typically starting at a minimum of $50,000. We work with many school districts and charter management organizations that have some of the highest teacher pay in the nation, including performance pay. This means that an effective teacher can move up the salary ladder even quicker.

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